“It’s Always a Journey”  

Maureen Clark * Capturing Our World


If we were confined to stating just one factor concerning Ojai based photographer Maureen Clark’s work, that factor would have to be that there could never be just one factor. Maureen is a multi-faceted, multi-genre, multi-nation photographer, working one day on an Ojai family’s portrait, the next day, ringside at a world title fight in Mexico, the next shooting antiquities for a New York museum, then, next, focusing her lens in historic Turkey. And all points (and subjects) in between.

Maureen’s career in photography blossomed early, when an astute high school instructor recognized her unique sense of composition and style. Awed by Maureen’s talent, he encouraged her to further explore her “gifts,” and she did, even establishing her own darkroom in order to study, hands on, every aspect of photography and film.

In college she turned to perfecting additional skills in the numerous photo genres, and in 1981 she launched Photo-Graphics, focusing on Ojai’s sports events and outdoor portraiture. Soon she ventured beyond Ojai, to the Central Coast, to capture images of those area’s people, landscapes, seascapes, and events as well. She was showcased at Talley Vineyards and Phantom Rivers Wine Tasting Room and Gallery.

As the geographic circumference of her work expanded, so did her reputation as a uniquely talented photographer, and under her new moniker, Maureen Clark Photography, clients began hailing her from all points of the world.  Soon, she was traversing cobble-stoned streets; ambling down forgotten centuries-old tree-lined country roads; and blazing new trails through rainforests worldwide. Maureen’s personal motto, fittingly, became:  “It’s always a journey, just searching for that special shot that makes a difference in the viewer’s eye.” 

Now, the “viewer’s eye” of her expanding list of clients has resulted in widespread placement of Maureen’s images, including on the walls of countless private homes, in museums including the New York Art Museum and the Santé Fe Art Museum, and in various publications, Ojai Quarterly, and “Tribal Art,” where her images of the well-known Rahul Patel Antiquity Collection appear. And, further proof of Maureen’s eclecticism, she is now summoned ring-side to shoot annual World Title Boxing Events

Maureen’s photos have captured Hollywood’s attention, too, with her images donning sets for “The Office,” “Modern Family,” and “Parenthood,” and recently NBC purchased her photo “Surf’s Up” for upcoming programming.  Entertainers, themselves, also turn to Maureen, and she recently completed bluesman John Mayall’s A Special Life album cover and shot the publicity photos for R&B/Soul/Funk/Pop sensation Niki J. Crawford for her upcoming movie.

Maureen’s latest venture will have her once again crisscrossing the globe, 17 countries to date, through her Maureen Clark International Travel Workshops, which debut in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam this winter.  As always, for Maureen, the journey never ends.  

(Compiled and written by Ojai author/freelance writer Sarah Howery Hart)